Planet Salon and Spa Owners

Meet The Owners

Planet Salon was founded in 1998 and is locally owned and operated. Marcella Combs started as a stylist in 2000, and purchased the business in 2006 from her mentor, Thomas. In 2013, stylist Jessica Tuggle Hogan joined Marcella in the ownership adventure, and Planet Salon Frankfort was born. With two thriving locations, Marcella’s wife and Planet’s behind the scenes one woman maintenance crew, Whitney Faulkner, felt it necessary to sell her gym business and become full time Mrs. Fix It. In 2015, a third location, Beaumont, joined the line-up. With this addition came a full-service spa, and another local lady, Jillian Akers, to round out the ownership team. Jillian is a full-time esthetician at Beaumont as well. Together, with the support of the central Kentucky community, these four women have created a booming local salon family. Marcella, Jessica, and Jillian all started out as stylists, and worked their way up into ownership. All four owners are shining examples of hard work paying off, and their passion fueling their dreams. They welcome stylists and clientele, of any and all backgrounds, to experience the safe, supportive, and healthy environment of Planet Salon.

Marcella Combs Planet Salon and Spa


Marcella Combs began her career in the hair industry in 2000. She worked under the founding owner, Thomas, who was a big mentor for her. Marcella became a manager at Planet, and says she was just in the right place at the right time when she decided to buy the company and take over as the owner. Not coming from much growing up, she wanted to use her own experience as a learning opportunity for others, and show people that no matter where you came from, you can be successful and follow your dreams. Marcella’s main goal is to provide a safe and healthy salon environment for all Planet employees. She has helped many stylists directly out of cosmetology school grow into successful and seasoned stylists. Marcella only has two rules in the salon, no drugs and no bad attitudes. She is a strong mentor in all aspects of life, and supports her team whether they want to stay in the industry or not. Diversity, continuing education, and embracing differences are huge aspects of Marcella’s business. She is filled with gratitude for Jessica and Jillian for being the greatest business partners. They are able to live their dreams, and she is able to live hers with her wife, Whitney. Thanks to an amazing team, distinguished partners, and a successful career behind the chair, Marcella was able to “retire” in 2016 and move to Florida. She and Whitney enjoy living in their paradise, but are always watching out for their Planet family.

Whitney Combs Planet Salon and Spa


Being the wife of multi-location salon owner, Marcella, is just one of the many hats Whitney Faulkner wears. Shampoo bowl leak? Not a problem. Computer issues? She’s on the case. Heartbreak? She’s there for it all. You name it, Whitney can fix it. She used to be the owner of a gym in Lexington, but chose to sell it in 2014 and become the full-time maintenance woman of Planet Salon. Whitney has worked the front desk at all three locations, she has been someone to lean on for many of our stylists, but most importantly, she is a key staple in the Planet family. Typically, Whitney likes to stay behind the scenes, but she’s a big reason that Planet Salon runs like a well-oiled machine. Due to the success and support of Marcella, they are living their dream in Florida, and keeping an eye on Kentucky from their tiki hut.

Jessica Tuggle Hogan Planet Salon and Spa


Jessica Tuggle Hogan always knew she wanted to do hair. When she was a freshman in college, she dropped out to attend beauty school. Even though it was against her parents’ wishes, she knew she wanted to follow her dreams. Towards the end of her schooling, she noticed a woman with great hair and asked her which salon provided her service. Her answer… well Planet Salon, of course! At the time, Jessica’s grandmother was also a client of Planet, so she contacted the owner, Marcella, and asked if Jessica could have a shot. She started as an apprentice, worked through teaching classes, managing, being a mentor, and in just 3 years became a partner. Jessica wasn’t sure she was ready to be a salon owner, but attributes everything to Marcella’s guidance and mentorship. She loves the bond of the Planet Salon family, and is blessed with the amount of support from her business partners, as well as her team. Jessica has “retired” from behind the chair, and is now the General Manager of all 3 Planet Salon locations. She currently resides in Frankfort with her husband, Mike, and their two daughters. Jessica is very proud of being a homegrown stylist turned partner, and a local female business owner.

Jillian Akers Planet Salon and Spa


Jillian Akers has been in the cosmetology industry since 2003, mostly focusing on skincare. She started working at Planet Salon in 2007. Jill left the trade for a short span, before returning to Planet in 2015, when the Beaumont location was created. She has been close friends with Marcella for years, so when the opportunity arose to manage the spa portion of Beaumont, she jumped on it. Fast forward a couple of years, and Jillian’s dream came true when she became a partner. Jill accredits being able to do what she loves to Marcella’s support and enlightenment. She is a full-time esthetician at Beaumont, offering all waxing services and skincare, to several different types of permanent makeup, and everything in between. Jillian lives in Lexington with her wife, Kara, and their fur children. She loves that Planet feels like family, is genuinely passionate about continuing education, and loves being able to offer fresh new services to clients.